5G high-performance Antenna BOA34006N

High-performance Antenna for 5G frequencies

5G omnidirectional antenna with 6 dBi antenna gain

Optimal for campus networks where a high performance omnidirectional radiator is required

Wide range of mounting, connector and cable

5G High-Performance Antenne

5G Antenna

Rod Antenna, Monopole antenna



1x 5G

No Ground plate needed

5G frequencies

3400 – 3800 MHz

Gain (typical) : 6 dBi

VSWR : <2.0:1

Electrical characteristics

Transmission power (max) :20 W

Impendance : 50 Ohm

Polarization : Vertical

Physical characteristics

Material : Fiberglass (UV-Stable)

BOA34006NM: 20.95 x 226.82 mm (diameter x height), BOA34006NF: 20.95 x 231.19 mm (diameter x height)


Screw mounting, Wall mounting, Magnetic foot mounting, Pole mounting

Operating temperature range : -40 – +85 °C


Antenna Mount BAM1009

Antenna Mount WA-Mount-NF-3

Antenna Mount WA-Mount-NF-1